PCSO Lotto Results Today November 9, 2018 ( Swertres,Ez2, 4Digit)

The Latest Philippine PCSO Lotto Draw Results

Date: November 9, 2018 Friday

Swertres 3 Lotto 
3D Swertres results today, hearing and winning numbers (Suertres result 11am 4pm 9pm) the most up-to-date and reliable source of lotto results in the philippines..

Swertres lotto draws are held everyday except during major holidays. Here are the PCSO Swertres result for the Midday, Afternoon and Evening draw:

Winning Combination
Morning 11:00 am: 5-5-8
Afternoon 4:00 pm: 6-1-0
Evening 9:00 pm: 9-6-7Winning numbers in exact order
Php: 4,500 per 10 peso play

EZ2 Lotto
2D EZ2 result today, hearing and winning numbers (EZ2 lotto result 11am 4pm 9pm).

EZ2 Lotto draws are conducted daily except during major holidays. These are the latest PCSO EZ2 results for the 11 AM, 4 PM and 9 PM draws today:

Winning Combination
Morning 11am: 18-15
Afternoon 4pm: 27-18
Evening 9pm: 31-16Winning numbers in exact order
Php 4,000.00 per 10 peso play

Four 4Digit 

PCSO 4Digit Lotto Result (Luzon 4-DIGITS). Lotto 4D result today with lucky numbers and tips. 4D lotto draws are held every Mon, Wed & Fri at 9pm.

Winning Combination
Evening 9:00 pm: 9-7-0-8
Winning numbers in exact order

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